— The food and the bottle.

January, 2013 Monthly archive

The team of bottle angels is growing: Seda and Andrea went on a little trip to Bali/Lombok. On their way from Gili Air to Lombok they threw a bottle for me: SC_0001. On the MAP you can see who, where and when. Enjoy!

Travel well my friend.

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… more bottles are swimming and spreading.

Tine Acke and Udo Lindenberg went on a little cruise from Richard’s Bay to Walvis Bay, South Africa. On the ship they met TV-presenter Ulla Kock am Brink. Sailing around the cape of good hope they send off three bottles: TA_0001, TA_0002 and TA_0003. Yiiihaw.

All photos © Tine Acke.

Tine Acke

Udo Lindenberg and Ulla Kock am Brink

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