— The food and the bottle.

April, 2013 Monthly archive

Slowly the messages are spreading … Carolin Thiersch threw a bottle somewhere between Vanuatu and Fiji: TA_0004. You wonder where that is? Just check the MAP.

Thank you so much Carolin Thiersch and Tine Acke for the help!

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Hurray, Isa went on a little trip in the Tasman sea and send a new message – straight down sunset lane: IK_0001. Check on the MAP where it all happened.

Thank you so much Isa!

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Some new bottles have been thrown, I am just waiting for the data from my beloved helpers.

Meanwhile some news of another message in a bottle, send 1976 by two german fellas. They received an answer after 35 years!
Click here to read the article on stern.de

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