— The food and the bottle.

June, 2013 Monthly archive

… and one in LA – Malibu Pier:SC_0003. Thank you so much, Seda and Rasmus.

Check out the MAP to see where exactly and when.

Nina-Zimmermann-LA-Malibu-Pier-MessageInABottle NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-3

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Seda went on a US trip from the east to the west coast. One bottle was thrown in New York … SC_0002.


Check out the MAP to find out about all the other bottles.

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Today I send a new bottle down the Spree during a perfect summer sunday cruise around the “Insel der Jugend” and “Plänterwald”. Lot’s of boats were around – let’s see if someone will find you my friend, N_0005.

You want to know where exactly? Check out the MAP.

Foto IMG_9960

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