— The food and the bottle.

October, 2013 Monthly archive

NEWS !!! A new bottle has been found !!!

It was put in the sea by my former housemate Sophie on the 30th of August. She threw it right off the cliffs in New Quay, Wales and was so excited about this project that she forgot to tell me she actually threw the bottle. So the news about it being found on the 2nd of September was even more of a surprise. Awesome! Totally made my day.

The bottle was found by a group of nine people who were out in a boat to see for Dolphins. Instead of Dolphins they found Sophie’s bottle.

Here is the original message from Gill and Sky:
We were out on a boat trying to see Dolphins but we didn’t see them and found your message instead!
The group was from lots of different countries and cultures so I hope you will get quite a few recipes and stories from us.

We were:
Myself who hired the boat
My 2 daughters Sky and Tiger-Lily
My Ugandan friend Emmy who had never seen the ocean before and it was his first time on a boat on the sea!
My Welsh friend Marc who is so interested in food!
Marc’s daughter Rhian age 11
My friend Lee
2 people from the boat company – Luke from Scotland (I think) and a girl from South Africa (I think).

I am so very much looking forward to receiving post from you guys. Such a mixed group with such diverse backgrounds – totally excited. And how amazing is your story, Emmy: Never seen the ocean before and the first time you step on a boat you find a message in a bottle!

A very big sorry for the delay of this post. The chain of communication needs to rest as well sometimes ;-)

To see where exactly Sophie but her bottle in the sea and where Gill and her friends found it check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-1 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-2 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-3 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-4NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-5 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-6 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-7

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