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July, 2014 Monthly archive

I ♡ family support. Lydia and Theo have already put some bottles to various seas, oceans and rivers. Now Leonie and Conny went on a trip to Malta. On the ferry to Gozo bottle LS_0001 jumped into the Mediterranean Sea.

This is really exciting. There are so many cultures and countries around the Mediterranean Sea … Tunisia, Libya, Sicily and Lampedusa are the closest beaches and according to some current maps en route. But depending on the seasonal current it could even swim all the way to Gibraltar and be carried out into the Atlantic ocean. Or go east and end up on the shores of Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Cyprus or Egypt … Or of course Italy, France, Spain … Algeria, Morocco … Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania … Malta, Gozo … So many options …

The see where and when exactly LS_0001 started for it’s adventure check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-sardinia-malta-gozo-leonie-schoenwaelder-1 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-sardinia-malta-gozo-leonie-schoenwaelder-2

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Fun fact check: By now 38 bottles have been sent. 3 have been found so far.
So at the moment there are 35 bottles out there !!! Wow. ❥❥❥ to all my supporters !!!

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Remember the drama about the Linus and the cork (bottle SL_008)?

Well, there is a sister of SL_008: SL_009! It was meant to be thrown the very same day, from that very same boat by Danyel, Frida, Gabi and Selim. But since the cork went missing as well for their bottle they put it into the sea the day after – off the pier from the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

Check out the MAP to see where and when exactly.


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Nina W. went for a very long walk down the Camino del Norte. After some rest in Campostela she went for another leap up north. In Ribadeo she had a chance to throw bottle NW_0001 off the Puente dos Santos into the Rio Eo. That’s right where the Rio Eo flows into the Atlantic ocean. Incredibly curious where this bottle is right now … and where it is to be found …

Check out the MAP to see all details.


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Lydias bottle LVO_003 went flying off a bridge in Semuc Champey in Guatemala, right into the Rio Cahabó.

Check out the MAP to see where exactly that is.

NinaZimmmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Semuc-Champey-Rio Cahabón-Guatemala-2 NinaZimmmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Semuc-Champey-Rio Cahabón-Guatemala

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Ups – she did it again … Yay !!! Lydia is traveling in Nicaragua and Guatemala and threw two more bottles.

LVO_002 went for a swim in the Lago de Nicaragua, in-between San Jorge and Moyogalpa, Isla de Ometepe.

The check out bottle LVO_003 click here. And to see where and when all these bottles have been thrown check out the MAP.


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