— The food and the bottle.

My name is Nina and I’m from Hamburg in Germany. Two of my biggest passions are photography and cooking. In 2012 I started distributing messages in bottles wherever there was a river, lake or ocean, hoping to gather new recipes from all over the world. My dream is to compile a cook book from the recipes I am collecting.

I am a food photographer, no chef. I like meeting people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, love products, ingredients and stories just like traveling. And I really want to bring it all together in this compilation.

Drift bottles are a romantic but also dramatic way of communication. In the old days being used as an SOS-call they as well carry a romantic something. In the digital nowadays I am myself longing for a bit of a slow down and people who as well like to connect outside of social media platforms. I grew up with the sounds of the harbor, seagulls shit on me on my way to school and drift bottles fascinated me ever since I heard the first stories about pirates. Störtebeker hurray! So I am sending out my bottles in the hope of them to be found. And replied to.

At the moment I am sending out messages in German, English, French and Spanish.
I am planing to collect for a while and develop a layout and concept for the cook book. Or let’s call it a compilation of selected recipes from around the world. Of course it’s all gonna be fantastic and I will find a publisher / sponsor who will help me to publish this book. I don’t just want to interpret, studio cook and shoot the recipes, but really would like to visit some of the people who replied and photograph them in their home, cooking – for the book.

This project has been on my mind for over six years now. Finally it surfaced! It’s something I do next to my job and daily life and I am always happy for support. If you like the idea, spread the word. Share the blog, sign up to the newsletter and tell your friends about it. Want to do more? Check here for more support.

For more info on me and my work as a photographer please visit my website: ninazimmermann.com

Thank you a lot for your interest and visit.

Come back soon and travel light.


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