— The food and the bottle.

Rome – Italy.

Mom + daughter time out in Rome. After a long a day at the beach in Lido di Ostia we came back to a nightly Rome, soft summer breeze, warm yellow light and an unthrown bottle in the bag. Originally I wanted to swim out into the sea with bottle N_0008 to send it off traveling, but a little stone wall in the sea saved me the exercise. So we chose the Ponte Palatino and Conny put it into the Tiber. First it swam backwards, against the stream, than we lost sight. Very curious about which way it took now.

The see where and when exactly all the bottles were put into the water check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Lido-di-Ostia-beach-Italy NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Rome-Italy-1 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Rome-Italy-2

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