— The food and the bottle.

Sambia – Victoria Falls bridge.

Diana and Oli went on a trip to the Victoria Falls in Sambia and Zimbabwe – and threw two bottles.

Number one – DS_0001 – went bungee jumping of the Victoria Falls bridge. After ensuring the police that “this is not a bomb” by explaining the project and reading out the letter they were kindly pointed to the best spot to throw the bottle. Turned out it is also a world famous 120m bungee jumping spot. Here the water of all falls comes together to than flow into the Zambezi. Many options for the bottle to swim from there.

Click here to get to bottle number two, thrown on the same day in Zimbabwe.
Check out the MAP to see where exactly this bottle was thrown.



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  1. […] here to get to bottle number one, thrown on the same day in Sambia. Check out the MAP to see where […]

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