— The food and the bottle.

San Sebastian – Spain.

I met Linda during a hike in the north of Spain. On her way back to Germany she made a stopover in San Sebastian and put bottle DLB_0004 into the Rio Urumea. When she was just about to throw it off the Puente de Kursaal the Civil Guardia came by and admonished her to not throw anything into the water. Ups … the bottle flew, picked up speed and swam right into the Atlanic ocean.

Check out the MAP to see where and when DLB_0004 accidentally went for a swim.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-san-sebastian-spain-1 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-san-sebastian-spain-2 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-san-sebastian-spain-3

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