— The food and the bottle.

Strasbourg – France.

Solweig spend NYE with her sister on the little island in the L’Ill, right in the heart of Strasbourg. Many friends came over, it was a blasting party and somewhere around 3am they boarded the motorboat to put SDB_001 into the L’Ill.

The next morning Solweig woke up and faced a somehow displeased father. He asked her for a word. Hung over, tired but curious Solweig listened. “I am very disappointed” her father started. “Now what have I done” Solweig is wondering. It turns out, her father saw Solweig “throwing something into the water and do littering” as he was walking down to the pier. Solweig laughed out loudly and explained to her dad, that she didn’t litter but put a message in a bottle into the water. Her dad was relieved and tired. He didn’t sleep all night because he was so upset about his daughter littering.

Since it was a blasting party with some blasting booze, no data was filled in and no photos were taken. To see where and when SDB_001 was put to water check out the MAP.

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