— The food and the bottle.

I am always looking for support of this project. If you are or know someone who can help out with translating, programming, bottles, ideas, cooking equipment, camera equipment, logistics, printing, publishing or plain money AND would like to support this awesome project just drop me an email:

Currently looking for:
– Someone who can help me out with programming a style for a google map.
– Translation help for japanese and russian.
– In Berlin: White glass bottles with a cork or screw top.


HURRRAY to my supporters so far (chronological):
Rebekka Csizmazia, Cornelia Schönwälder, Amber Nuesink, Lisa Fischer, Lea Gabay, Lotta Hilgers, Daniela Meister, Beatriz Diaz Ceballos, Seda Celik, Andrea Zoll, Tine Acke, Udo Lindenberg, Ulla Kock am Brink, Isa, Carolin Thiersch, Theo Willie Schönwälder, Philip Schmidt, Diana Stuckatz, Oliver Scheller, Leonie Fritzie Schönwälder, Paul Chadfield, Maree Cairns, Hamish, Dianne Tasker, Lydia van Odijk, Merania KarauriaMichelle ThornePeter Bihr, Diego, Jenny Presto, Felicia, Marta, Karoline Kroiß, Jens Stoltenberg, Natascha Imfeld, Linus Longolius, Sonja Longolius, Nina Wielage, Danyel, Frida, Gabi, Selim, Astrid, Mr. Biene, Ole O Gaino, Linda Vahldieck, Meike Boller, Stefan Sanne, Steffi Wiegand, Christine, Solweig de Barry, Leia Longolius, Nikolai Longolius

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