— The food and the bottle.

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During a little bike tour through Niedersachsen I put AS_002 into the Leine. It was cold and windy that day and the Andy Warhol bottle edition shone a little colourfull light on the greyness.

To see where and when check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Hannover-Leine-1 NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Hannover-Leine-2

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I came into Royan with some spare time. So I cycled around the harbour in search of a clear glass bottle. The staff at the restaurant “Le Mogador” was just having lunch when I came in. I told them about the bottle project and they liked it that much that at least three of them jumped up to find the perfect bottle. After a “bottle audition” and the search for the right cork I just made it for the boat and off it went, N_010, right into the atlantik ocean. Now I am back in grey, grey Berlin and a bit jealous of the bottle, swimming in this ocean that is so magical.

To see where and when exactly this all took place check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Royan-1 NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Royan-2


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Hannah and her bike were on the way to an open air festival somewhere in Brandenburg when she put her first bottle, HRM_001, into the Uecker. Welcome to the club, chica!

To see where and when check out the MAP.



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Diana and Olli put their 7th (!!!) bottle into the sea. That is almost as many as I have put in myself. So cool! They travelled in Turkey and took a boat from Kınalıada to Bostancı to put DS_0010 into the Sea of Marmara. Thank you so much you two!

To see where and when check out the MAP.


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Number two for Sebastian. Leaving Paris and heading towards the atlantik ocean, we quickly droped N_012 into the Seine.

To see where and when exactly check out the MAP.


NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Paris-Seine-1 NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Paris-Seine-2

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During a bike trip, on the way from Nany to Paris, Sebastian put N_013 into the Moselle. It surely splashed well.

Check out the MAP to see where and when it all happened.

NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Toul-Moselle-1 NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Toul-Moselle-2

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Another bottle by Solweig. This time in the summer and with photos.

Check out the MAP to see where and when bottle SDB_002 exactly was put into the sea.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-solweig-de-barry-malaga-spain-2 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-solweig-de-barry-malaga-spain-1

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DJ went on a secret bottle mission to put DJ_001 into the sea. So secret that there are no photos, but the first bottle in the Persian Golf !*:-)** !!!

Check out the MAP to see where and when this took place.

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Diana and Olli are back on the road. Close to South Africa’s Cape Agulhas, the most southern peak of the continent, bottle DS_007 flew into the indian/atlantic ocean. Hopefully it swims past the Meisho Maru, which stranded in that bay in 1982, and out into the sea – whichever it may choose. The indian to the west, the atlantic to the east.

On the way to the Cape the letter for DS_006 went missing in  L´Agulhas. Of course we are very much looking forward to some “off-sea” post as well ;-)

To see where exactly that is and when it all happened check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann_Message-In-A-Bottle-Cape Agulhas- SouthAfrica-3 NinaZimmermann_Message-In-A-Bottle-Cape Agulhas- SouthAfrica-1 NinaZimmermann_Message-In-A-Bottle-Cape Agulhas- SouthAfrica-2

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Leia, Linus and Niko put bottle NL_001 into the Elbe near Hitzacker. That makes three bottles for the Longolius family. ♥♥♥.

Check out the MAP to see them all.



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Leia and Linus put the first bottle of the year into the sea. We went for a paper chase and one of the tasks was to put bottle AS_005 into the water. It was a real team effort: First little Leia tried to throw the bottle into the water. It didn’t fly far enough, so Linus ‘da Kenny’ got it out again and threw it right into the current. The Löcknitz ends in the river Elbe. It was a very stormy day and the bottle travelled incredibly fast.

To see where and when this all happened check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-Message-In-A-Bottle-Elbe-Wehningen-1 NinaZimmermann-Message-In-A-Bottle-Elbe-Wehningen-2

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Solweig spend NYE with her sister on the little island in the L’Ill, right in the heart of Strasbourg. Many friends came over, it was a blasting party and somewhere around 3am they boarded the motorboat to put SDB_001 into the L’Ill.

The next morning Solweig woke up and faced a somehow displeased father. He asked her for a word. Hung over, tired but curious Solweig listened. “I am very disappointed” her father started. “Now what have I done” Solweig is wondering. It turns out, her father saw Solweig “throwing something into the water and do littering” as he was walking down to the pier. Solweig laughed out loudly and explained to her dad, that she didn’t litter but put a message in a bottle into the water. Her dad was relieved and tired. He didn’t sleep all night because he was so upset about his daughter littering.

Since it was a blasting party with some blasting booze, no data was filled in and no photos were taken. To see where and when SDB_001 was put to water check out the MAP.

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… and Steffi put bottle SW_002 into the Wabash river near Lafayette. To see SW_001 click here.

To see where and when exactly check out the MAP.


NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-wabash-river-1 NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-wabash-river-3

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Steffi and Christine went for a winter road trip in the Lake District and send of two bottles.

Christine put SW_001 in St. Joseph into the Lake Michigan … click here for bottle SW_002

To see where and when exactly check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-lake-michigan-1 NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-lake-michigan-2 NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-lake-michigan-3 NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-lake-michigan-4


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Mom + daughter time out in Rome. After a long a day at the beach in Lido di Ostia we came back to a nightly Rome, soft summer breeze, warm yellow light and an unthrown bottle in the bag. Originally I wanted to swim out into the sea with bottle N_0008 to send it off traveling, but a little stone wall in the sea saved me the exercise. So we chose the Ponte Palatino and Conny put it into the Tiber. First it swam backwards, against the stream, than we lost sight. Very curious about which way it took now.

The see where and when exactly all the bottles were put into the water check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Lido-di-Ostia-beach-Italy NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Rome-Italy-1 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Rome-Italy-2

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I met Linda during a hike in the north of Spain. On her way back to Germany she made a stopover in San Sebastian and put bottle DLB_0004 into the Rio Urumea. When she was just about to throw it off the Puente de Kursaal the Civil Guardia came by and admonished her to not throw anything into the water. Ups … the bottle flew, picked up speed and swam right into the Atlanic ocean.

Check out the MAP to see where and when DLB_0004 accidentally went for a swim.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-san-sebastian-spain-1 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-san-sebastian-spain-2 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-san-sebastian-spain-3

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Mr. Biene went on a secret mission and dropped bottle AW_001. During a canoe tour through the Raja Ampat riff the bottle slipped silently into the ocean. Since he was on a secret mission no photos were taken, but you can check out the MAP to see where exactly the bottle went swimming.

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On the way to Santander I met Astrid from Austria who helped me put bottle DLB_0003 into the sea. Check out the video below.

To see where and when the bottle was put into the ocean check put the MAP.

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Whilst the very short boat trip from Laredo to Santoña I managed to put bottle DLB_0002 into the water. The message is accompanied by a little shell which I collected during my hike on the Loredo beach. The options for the bottle to swim are the Atlantic Ocean or the Santoña bay.

To find out where that is check out the MAP.




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Currently I´m residing with some friends in Moraira, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Yesterday I rented a canoe and paddled for about 40 minutes out into the ocean to put bottle DLB_0001 into the lovely Mediterranean sea. The wind was blowing quite strongly and just as I had hoped, it didn´t drift right back to the coast but was carried north-east, out into the open sea.

To see where and when exactly this and all the other bottles were put into the water check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-moraira-spain-2 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-moraira-spain-1

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Ole found bottle JS_001 in Gievneguikka. We are still figuring out some language barriers, soon I will know more. Awesome!

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I ♡ family support. Lydia and Theo have already put some bottles to various seas, oceans and rivers. Now Leonie and Conny went on a trip to Malta. On the ferry to Gozo bottle LS_0001 jumped into the Mediterranean Sea.

This is really exciting. There are so many cultures and countries around the Mediterranean Sea … Tunisia, Libya, Sicily and Lampedusa are the closest beaches and according to some current maps en route. But depending on the seasonal current it could even swim all the way to Gibraltar and be carried out into the Atlantic ocean. Or go east and end up on the shores of Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Cyprus or Egypt … Or of course Italy, France, Spain … Algeria, Morocco … Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania … Malta, Gozo … So many options …

The see where and when exactly LS_0001 started for it’s adventure check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-sardinia-malta-gozo-leonie-schoenwaelder-1 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-sardinia-malta-gozo-leonie-schoenwaelder-2

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Fun fact check: By now 38 bottles have been sent. 3 have been found so far.
So at the moment there are 35 bottles out there !!! Wow. ❥❥❥ to all my supporters !!!

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Remember the drama about the Linus and the cork (bottle SL_008)?

Well, there is a sister of SL_008: SL_009! It was meant to be thrown the very same day, from that very same boat by Danyel, Frida, Gabi and Selim. But since the cork went missing as well for their bottle they put it into the sea the day after – off the pier from the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

Check out the MAP to see where and when exactly.


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Nina W. went for a very long walk down the Camino del Norte. After some rest in Campostela she went for another leap up north. In Ribadeo she had a chance to throw bottle NW_0001 off the Puente dos Santos into the Rio Eo. That’s right where the Rio Eo flows into the Atlantic ocean. Incredibly curious where this bottle is right now … and where it is to be found …

Check out the MAP to see all details.


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Lydias bottle LVO_003 went flying off a bridge in Semuc Champey in Guatemala, right into the Rio Cahabó.

Check out the MAP to see where exactly that is.

NinaZimmmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Semuc-Champey-Rio Cahabón-Guatemala-2 NinaZimmmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Semuc-Champey-Rio Cahabón-Guatemala

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Ups – she did it again … Yay !!! Lydia is traveling in Nicaragua and Guatemala and threw two more bottles.

LVO_002 went for a swim in the Lago de Nicaragua, in-between San Jorge and Moyogalpa, Isla de Ometepe.

The check out bottle LVO_003 click here. And to see where and when all these bottles have been thrown check out the MAP.


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Incredibly excited today !!! I received the first full recipe !!! from Jenny and her family.

Jenny and her two kids Felicia and Marta found bottle T_0005 last summer in South Sweden whilst at the beach with Lars, Jenny’s father. Read the whole story here.

Time went by, winter came and Lars and his wife visited Jenny, her husband Sergio, Felicia and Marta in Uppsala. They decided to cook a menu together and write the recipe down for this project. Sergio ist from Chile and apparently the one who is doing the magic in the kitchen at home. And so is Lars with desserts.

Jenny: “We really enjoyed eating it with a great Zinfandel wine. Sergio made the starter Salsa and the main course, and my father did the dessert.”

It sounds so scrummy >>> it’s so totally screaming for a cooking session <<< *Fingers crossed the dessert comes out nicely in my old gas oven* … photos to follow …

Thank you so much for participating !!!

Pebre – Chilean salsa
Peel 4 tomatoes and slice them into small pieces.
One big onion and 4 banana shallots are very well chopped into small pieces and mixed with the tomatoes.
The juice from one lemon is added together with 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil and 1 tablespoon of sambal oelek. Salt and pepper as you like.
2 large bunches of fresh coriander (silantro) is chopped and put on top of the salsa. Just before serving together with bread, as a starter, the coriander is mixed into the salsa.

Entrecote en la Chile
Mixed mushroom sauce
Banana shallots (equivalents of 150 grams) are chopped into small pieces and fried in butter until they are soft.
Mushrooms of your own favorite kinds are fried in a pan on their own until the liquid is evaporated. Then the onion is added to the pan with mushrooms and fried together followed by adding 300 ml of full cream. Let it boil carefully for ten minutes. Add breadcrumbs until the sauce is as thick as you want it and spice it only with salt and pepper.

Sweet potatoes puree
Peel sweet potatoes and slice them into smaller pieces. Boil them together with potatoes until they are ready. Pour out the water. Pulp the potatoes and then whip with the mixer. Salt and add a lot of full cream.

Mixed salad
Arugula, baby spinach and chard are mixed with cherry tomatoes in half and yellow paprika. The juice from half a lemon and extra virgin olive oil and salt is mixed into the salad and it is served as it is.

Fry 2.5 cm thick slices of entrecote in sunflower oil until it is done as required (preferably rare). Only spice with salt and serve immediately together with the left overs of pebre, puree, mushroom sauce and salad.

Glace au four (Lars style)
Heat the oven to 250°C.

4 egg whites are whipped into hard consistence using a mixer. Add three table spoons of sugar and mix carefully by hand with a ladle. Keep it in the refrigerator during the preparation of the chocolate sauce.

Chocolate sauce
Two tablespoons of butter are melted in a saucepan, followed by adding 200 ml of cream (40%), 200 ml of sugar and 80 grams of cocoa. During stirring the ingredients are carefully heated until boiling and let it simmer until the sauce has started to get thicker. Do not let it get to thick.

1 liter of vanilla ice cream of good quality is placed into a deep ovenproof dish. Spread the whipped meringue to cover the ice cream totally.

Bake the meringue in the oven a few minutes until the meringue turns light brown on the top. Watch the process so that the icecream not melt more than at the surface.

Serve immediately together with the chocolate sauce. Enjoy!

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The Linus and the cork.

Evening of the 21st of April. Sonja is packing the bag for the next day. She’s on Curacao with her husband and two kids for her brother’s wedding. They planed to go daytripping on a boat to Klein Curacao the next morning. Towels, suncream, snorkel gear, swimmies, clothing for the kids, water, a book … bottel SL_0008. And of course a cork to seal it.

The alarm goes of early, but that’s alright because everyone is excited. Especially Sonja and her six years old son Linus. They brought the letter all the way from Germany, now on their way back from Klein Curacao to Curacao it was time to finally send it off traveling. Everything is ready. Linus is fiddling the message into the bottle – a classical carribean Flor de Caña rum. Sonja is searching for the cork. It’s all perfect, they are in the middle of the two islands. Niko is getting the camera ready. Sonja is searching in the left corner of the bag. Searching in the right corner of the bag. Searching in the side pockets. Slightly hectic now. Searching the boat. Now everyone’s searching for the cork. Even Leia, the little one, is down on her knees. But no cork. Nowhere. Disappointment. Linus get’s mad. Angry and young tempered he shouts at Sonja for forgetting the cork. Uncensored. Niko cools everyone down while he’s looking for a substitute they could close the bottle with. Nada. They go home, the bottle un-thrown. Sonja feels terribly bad, old and forgetful. 

Breakfast the next morning. The family in sitting on the terrace, enjoying another day in sunny paradise. Linus, daydreaming and recapturing his last adventures, is all of a sudden remembering: “Mum! I know where the cork is! … It’s in the car! I’ve been playing with it on the way to the boat!” Sonja stunned. Sonja angry. Shortly. Sonja happy for not being forgetful. Or old. “Sorry, I forgot.” Linus apologises.

After breakfast they go down to the beach and together they swim out into the ocean to send the bottle SL_0008 on it’s journey. Thank you so much you two! For participating, and for this lovely anecdote.

To see where and when SL_0008 was finally put into the water check out the MAP.


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A belated entry for bottle nr. NI_0001 and NI_0002 // August 2013.

Natascha and Simon went to Basel and put NI_0001 into the Rhein, right where the borders of Switzerland, Germany and France meet. Now where will you be found my friend?

NI_0002 was put into the Limmat in Zurich a couple of days later. When Natascha and myself went swimming there last year I was surprised how fast the drift is. If the bottle doesn’t break it might make it’s way all the way to the Aare.

To see where and when check out the MAP.


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Karo kicked off the new bottle season!

During a family holiday in the north of Sardinia they were lucky to find a spot with outgoing wind and not too many rocks. Bottle KK_0001 went flying off the Capo Testa cliffs. Watch out people in Corsica, it could swim all the way to you !

For more info about how, where and when exactly the bottle was send, check out the MAP.
On the MAP you can track all the other bottles so far send as well.


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+++ Lots of new bottles are looking for new friends +++ Calling for support +++ world wide +++ You live by the sea or a river, work on a ship or are planing a cruise? +++ Want to participate? +++ Write me an email: bottle@ninazimmermann.com +++

+++ If you are in Berlin: I am also looking for bottle corks to seal the bottles +++


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NEWS !!! A new bottle has been found !!!

It was put in the sea by my former housemate Sophie on the 30th of August. She threw it right off the cliffs in New Quay, Wales and was so excited about this project that she forgot to tell me she actually threw the bottle. So the news about it being found on the 2nd of September was even more of a surprise. Awesome! Totally made my day.

The bottle was found by a group of nine people who were out in a boat to see for Dolphins. Instead of Dolphins they found Sophie’s bottle.

Here is the original message from Gill and Sky:
We were out on a boat trying to see Dolphins but we didn’t see them and found your message instead!
The group was from lots of different countries and cultures so I hope you will get quite a few recipes and stories from us.

We were:
Myself who hired the boat
My 2 daughters Sky and Tiger-Lily
My Ugandan friend Emmy who had never seen the ocean before and it was his first time on a boat on the sea!
My Welsh friend Marc who is so interested in food!
Marc’s daughter Rhian age 11
My friend Lee
2 people from the boat company – Luke from Scotland (I think) and a girl from South Africa (I think).

I am so very much looking forward to receiving post from you guys. Such a mixed group with such diverse backgrounds – totally excited. And how amazing is your story, Emmy: Never seen the ocean before and the first time you step on a boat you find a message in a bottle!

A very big sorry for the delay of this post. The chain of communication needs to rest as well sometimes ;-)

To see where exactly Sophie but her bottle in the sea and where Gill and her friends found it check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-1 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-2 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-3 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-4NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-5 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-6 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-New-Quay-Wales-7

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It’s so handy to have friends who have to travel a lot … Diana and Olli put bottle DS_0005 into the Sea of Marmara during their trip from the island of Büyükada to Bostanci in Turkey. If we are lucky the bottle might make it all the way to the Black or Mediterranean Sea. Let the summer last forever!

To see where and when exactly check out the MAP.


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JS_002 was put into the river Tenojoki in Utsjoki, Finland by Jens. Just like the Guosmmarjávri the Tenojoki also flows into the Arctic Sea. Since he is still on his trip, more photos will follow.

To see where and when exactly check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-Utsjoki–Finland-1 NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-Utsjoki–Finland-2

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My best friend’s dad Jens went on a trip to the Arctic Sea and put bottle JS_001 into the river Guosmmarjávri, which flows into the Arctic Sea. Very curious if it makes it all the way up there without freezer burn.

To see where and when exactly check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Arctic Sea-Norway

NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-Guosmmarjavri–Norway-1 NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-Guosmmarjavri–Norway-2 NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-Guosmmarjavri–Norway-3

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Susanne and Addi took the ferry boat from Kiel to Oslo and threw a beautiful Imsdal bottle AS_0001.

To see where and when exactly check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Oslo-Sweden-1 NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Oslo-Sweden-2

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Diana and Olli are in Belgrade and send of jar DS_0004 into the river Sava, which joins the Donau just 500m down the stream. I don’t know about dams on the way, but quite exciting to think it might end up swimming in the black sea.

To see where and when exactly DS_0004 was put into the Sava check out the MAP.


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Wow – the second bottle has been found – awesome !!!

Dear Nina,
Me and my daughters, Felicia and Marta, are visiting my father and his wife in the south part of Sweden, Halmstad.
Today, when we were looking for beautiful seashells on the beach for making necklaces, we found the bottle 5 meters up on the beach.
It felt really exciting and when we opened the bottle and realised that it was a true message in the bottle everyone was so happy. What a great idea!!

T_0005 was send off on the 9th by Carolin Thiersch and found on the 15th of August by Jenny and her daughters Felicia and Marta whilst collecting seashells. Check out the MAP for more info. And stay tuned for some recipes …

NinaZimmermann-MessagesInABottle-Sweden-Halmstadt-1 NinaZimmermann-MessagesInABottle-Sweden-Halmstadt-2

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Bottle 57a is a very special one. Diego had just popped the question to Lotta and now they enjoyed the everlasting sunset somewhere in-between Gotland and Helsinki. They killed a bottle of champaign from the minibar and send off their fist message in it.

It’s small … it’s green … but hopefully seen …

To see where and when exactly it was put into the baltic sea check out the MAP.


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Whilst at the SHARE Rijeka Michelle Thorne and Peter Bihr send their first bottles off: MT_0001 and PB_0001.

To see where and when exactly check out the MAP.

NinaZimmermann-PeterBihr-MichelleThorne-MessageInABottle-Rijeka-Croatia-2 NinaZimmermann-PeterBihr-MichelleThorne-MessageInABottle-Rijeka-Croatia-1

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Carolin Thiersch travelled from Göteborg to Kiel by boat and put bottle T_0005 into the water. No photos this time, but to see where and when exactly check out the MAP.

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Tine went on another cruise. This time with the Queen Elizabeth to Iceland. On the way back she put bottle TA_0006 into the water.

Check the MAP to see where and when exactly.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Iceland-Queen-Elizabeth-2 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Iceland-Queen-Elizabeth-1 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Iceland-Queen-Elizabeth-3

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Front page article by Merania Karauria from the Wanganui Chronicle about Paul Chadfield finding bottle IK_0001. In response to the article I received an email from Richard Wotton. Richard is a photographer and kindly send me a scan of the Wanganui Chronicle. Thank you both so much. Kia ora ra.

Click here to read the article online.

NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-Wanganui-Chronicle-2 NinaZimmermann-Message-in-a-bottle-Wanganui-Chronicle-1

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Isa went on an early morning mission to throw a new bottle during a boat trip at the NW shelf of Australia: IK_0011.

Let’s see if and when this bottle is found …

To see where exactly the bottle was put into the water check the MAP.
Isa’s bottle no. 1 IK_0001 was found on the 20th of July 2013. Read the whole story here.


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The same day the first answer to a message in a bottle came, Lydia threw another one: LVO_0001 in Munich of the St.-Emmeram-Bridge. Keep feeding peeps – for some more answers to come ;-)

To see where and when check the MAP.


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Yesterday I woke up with some fantastic news: An email titled “Found bottle”.

Maree and Paul took their grandchildren and the dog Poppy on a four wheel drive to Turakina Beach, which is on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. There Paul found bottle number IK_0001 on top of a bunch of driftwood. The next day they went to a friends house to open the bottle with everyone. The photos show Paul and the kids with the bottle and Hamish reading out the letter to everyone. Thanks to Maree and Dianne for the quick contact and the photos.

The bottle travelled for 133 days and was found on the 20th on July, south of where Isa put it into the Tasman sea – which means it swam against the East Australia Current. A direct line on the map would sum up to about 112miles/180km, but who knows which way it swam.

How exciting !!! Stay tuned for updates.
Check the MAP to see where and when the bottle was thrown and found.

NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Turakani-beach-new-zealand-5 NinaZimmermann-message-in-a-bottle-Turakani-beach-new-zealand-8

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Sometimes you breath – sometimes you scream. On the way to a fantastic three hours Bruce Springsteen live set I cut down the message-in-a-bottle-tree and threw another one: N_0007. Rock n Roll in Leipzig! Yiiiiihaw!!!

Cheers to Fritzie for the shots.
Check out the MAP to see where and when exactly.

NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Yoga-Leipzig NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-Elster-Leipzig

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Diana and Oli went on a trip to the Victoria Falls in Sambia and Zimbabwe – and threw two bottles.

Number two – DS_0002 – was thrown at the Devil’s Cataract. From there it went flying 60m down into the Victoria Falls.

Click here to get to bottle number one, thrown on the same day in Sambia.
Check out the MAP to see where exactly this bottle was thrown.


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Diana and Oli went on a trip to the Victoria Falls in Sambia and Zimbabwe – and threw two bottles.

Number one – DS_0001 – went bungee jumping of the Victoria Falls bridge. After ensuring the police that “this is not a bomb” by explaining the project and reading out the letter they were kindly pointed to the best spot to throw the bottle. Turned out it is also a world famous 120m bungee jumping spot. Here the water of all falls comes together to than flow into the Zambezi. Many options for the bottle to swim from there.

Click here to get to bottle number two, thrown on the same day in Zimbabwe.
Check out the MAP to see where exactly this bottle was thrown.



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On a saturday evening in Hamburg – right into the stormy Alster: N_0006.

Credits to Theo for the great shots.
Check out the MAP to see where and when exactly.

Hamburg-Alster Hamburg-Alster

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… and one in LA – Malibu Pier:SC_0003. Thank you so much, Seda and Rasmus.

Check out the MAP to see where exactly and when.

Nina-Zimmermann-LA-Malibu-Pier-MessageInABottle NinaZimmermann-MessageInABottle-3

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Seda went on a US trip from the east to the west coast. One bottle was thrown in New York … SC_0002.


Check out the MAP to find out about all the other bottles.

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Today I send a new bottle down the Spree during a perfect summer sunday cruise around the “Insel der Jugend” and “Plänterwald”. Lot’s of boats were around – let’s see if someone will find you my friend, N_0005.

You want to know where exactly? Check out the MAP.

Foto IMG_9960

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My beloved brother Willie Schönwälder went on a little detour during his work-and-travel year (or as he likes to call it travel-and-work year) to celebrate his birthday with his buddies. They all met up in Fiji – and threw a bottle: TWS_1122. Thanks boys and thank you Philip Schmidt for the photos!

To see how, where and when check out the MAP.

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Slowly the messages are spreading … Carolin Thiersch threw a bottle somewhere between Vanuatu and Fiji: TA_0004. You wonder where that is? Just check the MAP.

Thank you so much Carolin Thiersch and Tine Acke for the help!

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Hurray, Isa went on a little trip in the Tasman sea and send a new message – straight down sunset lane: IK_0001. Check on the MAP where it all happened.

Thank you so much Isa!

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Some new bottles have been thrown, I am just waiting for the data from my beloved helpers.

Meanwhile some news of another message in a bottle, send 1976 by two german fellas. They received an answer after 35 years!
Click here to read the article on stern.de

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The team of bottle angels is growing: Seda and Andrea went on a little trip to Bali/Lombok. On their way from Gili Air to Lombok they threw a bottle for me: SC_0001. On the MAP you can see who, where and when. Enjoy!

Travel well my friend.

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… more bottles are swimming and spreading.

Tine Acke and Udo Lindenberg went on a little cruise from Richard’s Bay to Walvis Bay, South Africa. On the ship they met TV-presenter Ulla Kock am Brink. Sailing around the cape of good hope they send off three bottles: TA_0001, TA_0002 and TA_0003. Yiiihaw.

All photos © Tine Acke.

Tine Acke

Udo Lindenberg and Ulla Kock am Brink

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And No. 4 followed at 21:15h, swam right down the Elbe.


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No. 3 dove right into Hamburg’s Speicherstadt. Today at 20:56h. Yippie!


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No. 2 went swimming today. 14:45h into the river Themse, Waterloo, London. Whoop whoop.

Thank you to the lovely Gracie Long-leg and Amber Nuesink.


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No. 1 went swimming! Finally!!! Today at 17:00h from the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin, Germany. Travel safe my friend. May the stream be with you.

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Found some super sweet, ultra light paper today. First letter is written on it and … it’s … E*X …… C*I*T*I*N*G !!!

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Today I FINALLY received the keys to the PO-Box. Now we can set it off! Yes! Watch out for those messages in bottles peeps.


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Quite exciting. The letter is ready in German and English. Today translation to French and Japanese. Spanish coming up as well. Maybe first sendings this weekend.

Just installed the website and am researching now for a nice map I can incorporate in this blog to track the bottles.

May the games begin – and the bottles swim !

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