— The food and the bottle.

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Fun fact check: By now 38 bottles have been sent. 3 have been found so far.
So at the moment there are 35 bottles out there !!! Wow. ❥❥❥ to all my supporters !!!

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Incredibly excited today !!! I received the first full recipe !!! from Jenny and her family.

Jenny and her two kids Felicia and Marta found bottle T_0005 last summer in South Sweden whilst at the beach with Lars, Jenny’s father. Read the whole story here.

Time went by, winter came and Lars and his wife visited Jenny, her husband Sergio, Felicia and Marta in Uppsala. They decided to cook a menu together and write the recipe down for this project. Sergio ist from Chile and apparently the one who is doing the magic in the kitchen at home. And so is Lars with desserts.

Jenny: “We really enjoyed eating it with a great Zinfandel wine. Sergio made the starter Salsa and the main course, and my father did the dessert.”

It sounds so scrummy >>> it’s so totally screaming for a cooking session <<< *Fingers crossed the dessert comes out nicely in my old gas oven* … photos to follow …

Thank you so much for participating !!!

Pebre – Chilean salsa
Peel 4 tomatoes and slice them into small pieces.
One big onion and 4 banana shallots are very well chopped into small pieces and mixed with the tomatoes.
The juice from one lemon is added together with 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil and 1 tablespoon of sambal oelek. Salt and pepper as you like.
2 large bunches of fresh coriander (silantro) is chopped and put on top of the salsa. Just before serving together with bread, as a starter, the coriander is mixed into the salsa.

Entrecote en la Chile
Mixed mushroom sauce
Banana shallots (equivalents of 150 grams) are chopped into small pieces and fried in butter until they are soft.
Mushrooms of your own favorite kinds are fried in a pan on their own until the liquid is evaporated. Then the onion is added to the pan with mushrooms and fried together followed by adding 300 ml of full cream. Let it boil carefully for ten minutes. Add breadcrumbs until the sauce is as thick as you want it and spice it only with salt and pepper.

Sweet potatoes puree
Peel sweet potatoes and slice them into smaller pieces. Boil them together with potatoes until they are ready. Pour out the water. Pulp the potatoes and then whip with the mixer. Salt and add a lot of full cream.

Mixed salad
Arugula, baby spinach and chard are mixed with cherry tomatoes in half and yellow paprika. The juice from half a lemon and extra virgin olive oil and salt is mixed into the salad and it is served as it is.

Fry 2.5 cm thick slices of entrecote in sunflower oil until it is done as required (preferably rare). Only spice with salt and serve immediately together with the left overs of pebre, puree, mushroom sauce and salad.

Glace au four (Lars style)
Heat the oven to 250°C.

4 egg whites are whipped into hard consistence using a mixer. Add three table spoons of sugar and mix carefully by hand with a ladle. Keep it in the refrigerator during the preparation of the chocolate sauce.

Chocolate sauce
Two tablespoons of butter are melted in a saucepan, followed by adding 200 ml of cream (40%), 200 ml of sugar and 80 grams of cocoa. During stirring the ingredients are carefully heated until boiling and let it simmer until the sauce has started to get thicker. Do not let it get to thick.

1 liter of vanilla ice cream of good quality is placed into a deep ovenproof dish. Spread the whipped meringue to cover the ice cream totally.

Bake the meringue in the oven a few minutes until the meringue turns light brown on the top. Watch the process so that the icecream not melt more than at the surface.

Serve immediately together with the chocolate sauce. Enjoy!

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+++ Lots of new bottles are looking for new friends +++ Calling for support +++ world wide +++ You live by the sea or a river, work on a ship or are planing a cruise? +++ Want to participate? +++ Write me an email: bottle@ninazimmermann.com +++

+++ If you are in Berlin: I am also looking for bottle corks to seal the bottles +++


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Some new bottles have been thrown, I am just waiting for the data from my beloved helpers.

Meanwhile some news of another message in a bottle, send 1976 by two german fellas. They received an answer after 35 years!
Click here to read the article on stern.de

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Found some super sweet, ultra light paper today. First letter is written on it and … it’s … E*X …… C*I*T*I*N*G !!!

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Today I FINALLY received the keys to the PO-Box. Now we can set it off! Yes! Watch out for those messages in bottles peeps.


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Quite exciting. The letter is ready in German and English. Today translation to French and Japanese. Spanish coming up as well. Maybe first sendings this weekend.

Just installed the website and am researching now for a nice map I can incorporate in this blog to track the bottles.

May the games begin – and the bottles swim !

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